TigerSwan: Providing “Solutions to Uncertainty”

Governments, businesses and NGOs that operate in a globally interconnected marketplace deal with challenges that introduce risk and uncertainty into their operations.  TigerSwan helps minimize these risks and uncertainties by providing full spectrum, asymmetric and integrated solutions, enabling your organization to operate safely worldwide and to achieve a global presence and global stability.

Our comprehensive advisory and consultancy services and solutions are designed to address the following:

  • Real Time Integrated Situational Awareness, Response and Communication (RTISAR/C)
  • Modern Security
  • Safety and Logistics Challenges
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Budgetary Concerns
  • Team Building and Leader Development

TigerSwan was founded by former members of Delta Force, the U.S. military’s elite counter-terrorism unit. Our team brings decades of global experience and expertise to the public and private sectors. We are capable of operating and adapting anywhere in the world, which enables us to develop innovative and scalable solutions that satisfy the unique needs, challenges and requirements of each of our clients. Our personalized programs empower our clients with advanced situational awareness to foresee threats, minimize vulnerabilities, and develop contingency plans that guarantee organizational continuity, personal safety, information security and budgetary restrictions.

We provide the best global “Solutions to Uncertainty®”. Overcome today’s international challenges and reclaim peace of mind for your organization with TigerSwan. Learn more about our services by visiting www.tigerswan.com.


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